SIM Saver

Optima Saver SIM Saver is the most innovative way to increase SIM life

After a long R&D session, IMPROLABS has brought its own application for reducing ‘SIM Blocking’ in VoIP call termination businesses.It is a blend of existing human behaviour features and automated advanced pattern recognition algorithms. We call it Optima SIM Saver.

Why SIM Saver?
  • Blacklists and whitelists of phone numbers/ Caller IDs to protect from the Operator’s calls
  • Maintaining Call Gaps between calls to simulate HB
  • Monitoring number/Caller ID length pattern while receiving calls
  • Building the list of preferred numbers for each SIM
  • Extending SIM lifetime with dual(Callee+Caller) filtering technology
  • Optimizing Bandwidth Efficiently
Supported Solution
  • Optima Saver PC based Solution
  • Optima Saver Raspberry Pi Solution
  • Also Supports with any other Bandwidth Optimizer Solution
  • Can send calls directly to Gateways (Goip, Dinstar, Skyline, ejoin, Addpac , Teles , ETS , Hypermedia ) with Public/ Real IP and any specific port
  • Can send calls directly to any other server/ switch with Public/ Real IP as per necessity.