Optima Saver Client Portal

Optima Saver Client Portal is an all in one control panel for the users

Users can manage their entire Optima Saver related services from this panel very easily. In addition to a general view of their all Optima Saver related services, clients can manage their IPs, account details, invoice and billing related information. Users can also communicate with support and sales team directly from the portal using ticket system. Optima Saver Client Portal is a fast and easy one way platform to manage the system from anywhere at any moment.

Key Features
  • Clients can see there all service ( Like IP and Dialer Details)
  • From Portal clients can able to see his balance amount or Due amount
  • Clients can see summary invoice and full billing
  • From portal clients can see his product status
  • Clients can see his rate plan
  • Clients can send ticket to sales and Support team from anywhere