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Optima Router Solution is the latest and finest service introduced by IMPROLABS to provide ultimate technological facilities for call termination, GSM termination or SIM Box termination businesses worldwide. From reducing bandwidth cost to reducing infrastructure cost, it is the best solution to replace all other call termination solutions and infrastructure available in the market. Guaranteed bandwidth optimization along with support for more than 500+ of routers of different models and brands, it proves itself as the ‘Essential’ solution for call termination, GSM termination, SIM Box termination or VoIP marketplaces. CMER (Compressed Multiplexed & Encrypted RTP) technology of IMPROLABS is used as the core technology in this solution which is the result of extensive research on voice data compression, data encryption, and next-generation voice data networking.

Features Benefits
Guaranteed compression for voice data Optima Router Solution offers true bandwidth optimization for call termination businesses. A typical G729a call uses approximately 42 kbps (Codec & Payload) which under Optima Router Solution runs calls at only 8.1 kbps data usage without compromising the quality. Bandwidth saving starts from the first call and 120 calls can be accommodated by using only 1 MB bandwidth!
Quality of Service Optima Router Solution uses CMER (Compressed Multiplexed and Encrypted RTP) technology to ensure the Quality of Service continuously for call termination businesses. This unique technology is only available in Optima Router Solution which enhances ACD & ASR significantly.
Security and Encryption CMER technology in Optima Router Solution ensures the total encryption of the service which makes the call termination processes secured to the ultimate level. Its ‘Multi-Tunnel’ mechanism ensures flawless processes in call termination businesses.
Supports 500+ Routers of different brands and models Optima Router Solution supports over 500+ of different brands/models of Routers such as TP-Link, Asus, Netgear, D-Link, Linksys, etc. It does not corrupt ‘Native Firmware’ of the routers and can be returned to the previous state immediately.
Compatible with all Gateways & Softswitches (SIP based) It is compatible with all Gateways and Softswitches (SIP based) available in the market for call termination businesses.
Optima Router Solution Vs Other Services/Brands

Our market research on call termination marketplaces in South East Asia, Middle East, CIS countries, Africa, Latin America, East Europe, and Balkan countries shows that most of the available router based solutions are not capable to provide even minimum bandwidth saving or voice data compression for the call termination businesses. As the bandwidth is not saved, call termination businesses are not able to make enough profits against their investments. Here is a service comparison table to show how businesses are getting a competitive advantage by using Optima Router Solution:

Optima Router Solution ViBE Services Other Services
Voice Data usage per call and Compression rate 8.1 kbps/call Compression and data saving starts from the first call 8.1 kbps/call. Requires minimum of 50 simultaneous calls to achieve compression or data saving 42kbps/call. No compression or data saving
Data usage per 20K minutes 2.5 GB (approx.) 3.5 GB (approx.) or more 7 GB or more
Router Compatibility Supports more than 500 different routers such as TP-Link, Linksys, Asus, Netgear, D-Link etc. Supports only ViBE hardware and limited version of TP-Link or Mikrotik routers. Supports only one model/ brand of router
Gateway & Softswitch Compatibility Compatible with all most all SIP based Softswitch & Gateways. Compatible with specific brand or types of gateways & Softswitch No specific data available regarding compatibility.
Core Technology CMER (Compressed Multiplexed and Encrypted RTP) ViBE No specific technology.
Live Support Live support available for all clients Live support is not available. No specific data available.

All data are collected from service users of various backgrounds such as call termination businesses, carriers, gateway manufacturer and facilitators, ISP, MVNO etc. Data are also collected from various service providers websites.