Optima Saver Service Panel

Optima Saver Service Panel is the interactive & user friendly panel to manage individual services of the system

Optima Saver Service Panel is the main controlling point to configure and manage the solution. You can add, modify and remove different options as they see fit in order to run business smoothly. Since service panel manages direct communication between termination end and switch end; clients can add, edit or delete their system, gateway and other information within seconds which is very convenient and cost effective for the business. In addition to this, users can view service summary in this panel. We may definitely say, Optima Saver Service Panel will save your money from renting a switch for managing your system.

Key Features
  • Summary information about Service
  • Carrier IP management and create access for carriers to view CDR only
  • Can Create user account and test call from any soft phone or IP phone using G729 or other popular codecs
  • Client Mac management with various tunnels for bypassing basic level of blocking of ISP
  • Termination Gateway Management, controlling call limits and ports
  • Pioneer Service provider of Gateway Browsing & Management Facility from panel (very effective where Team-viewer is blocked)
  • Terminal access facility for raspberry pi with limited access
  • Managing Dial Plans effectively with priority same as switch
  • Quick View of CDR stats from anywhere in the panel
  • Debug view facility of Server, to see incoming calls, codecs, ips, caller ids
  • Active Calls live view
  • CDR view (hourly & overall) and export in pdf with price as per necessity
  • Scheduled restart Management of both Server and Client